Furniture & Woodworking

Coffee table

£65. 2 Available.

Made from light softwood and finished with 3 coats of clear varnish.

Is pretty solid and made using pocket screws so the legs, frame and top can be disassembled or tightened up if they get loose.

The top is attached with mounting plates designed to allow for the expansion/contraction of the wood.

It's roughly made, so there's some gaps in the top, but this is intentional and rustic.

The top is made from tongue-in-groove boards, the anatomy of which can be seen on the ends.

Variations include a flush or recessed apron - as shown in the two sets of photos.

It's nicely proportioned and weighted:
Length: 89.5cm (32 1/4inch)
Depth: 43.5cm (17 1/8inch)
Height: 41.5cm (15 7/8inch)
Weight: approx 6kg