Furniture & Woodworking

Bin cabinet

£350. Custom order.

Does not include the iroko top. This was an offcut from my kitchen worktop. Please get in touch to discuss options for a nice top. It comes as standard with a replaceable mdf top.

Does not include those handles - get in touch to discuss handle options.

Bins are included but the colour, style and exact size may vary - or you can supply your own.

Made from 12.5mm mdf (including the back) and painted with 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of kitchen paint.

Holds 2 small bins - the top for general rubbish and the bottom for recycling.

I've put a hook on the back of this one to hang my wok.

All joins are rabbited and glued. The mdf top is also screwed down, so the cabinet can safely be lifted by the top for moving it around.

The doors are held open simply by small metal hooks and a loop of string. A simple, strong solution that's easily repaired if it breaks and fully adjustable.

Bin size:
Height: 31.5cm (12 1/4inch)
Width: 23cm (9inch)
Depth: 18.5cm (7 1/4inch)

Cabinet size & weight:
Height (excluding iroko top): 84cm (33inch)
Width: 30cm (11 7/8inch)
Depth: 25.5 (10inch)
Weight: approx 10kg